Why the white clothing?

Everyone has experienced how wearing different clothing can change how you feel. Each color you put on your body can effect your mood. Wearing all red feels very different than wearing all black. White is all colors of light combined. Wearing all white can help expand the aura and lift the mood. It is not necessary to wear all white to class. If you feel it supports your practice, wear it.

What's with the turban?

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation cultivates a lot of energy in the human body. The head-covering uses specific energetic points on the head to seal that energy in. Yogis who practice deep meditation without covering their head sometimes experience headaches.

And the sheepskins?

The sheepskin helps shield the person in meditation from shifting magnetic field of earth. It also holds the energy of the practice. Often people will experience calm and peaceful energy in spaces of deep meditation or prayer like an monastery, church or temple. Meditating on a sheepskin, makes that peaceful space portable. In the past, Yogis acquired deer or tiger skins when the animal passed of natural causes. For contemporary times, Yogi Bhajan described using sheepskins that were specifically a bi-product of the meat industry, humanly treated and were not tanned using harmful chemicals. 

Yogi Who? 

Yogi Bhajan is the teacher who brought the technology, science and study of kundalini yoga from Northern India to America starting in the late 1960s. His mission was to create teachers who could share the once secret teachings and practices of kundalini yoga with Western students to make them happy, healthy and holy.